Frequently asked questions

Will there be iPod background music playing when your not playing live?

- Yes, i will always make sure there is background music if I'm not playing live or DJing.

Do you have a wireless mic we can use for speeches?

- Yes, you have full use of my wireless mic.

Do you have party lights for the dance floor?

- Yes, you can have full use of my lighting. For more information on what i use, go to my "gear i use" page. 

Can we choose the songs you play for your live sets?

- Yes, i have a full songlist of all that i play live on my website under "songlist". You can print or download it, highlight the songs you like and email or txt it back to me so i can create a playlist from it. 

Can we choose the songs you DJ?

- Yes, I actually encourage your suggestions as you know your friends and what they like to dance to the best. Im more than capable of reading the crowd and keeping everyone happy, but it doesn't hurt to have some help.

Can we request DJ songs on the night?

- Yes, I'm more than happy to download songs on the night, as long as there is service for my phone in the area.

What if we want you to stay longer on the night?

- Im more than happy to stay longer, but it will cost extra.